コレクションテーマは “RESORT IN A DREAM”。




The collection for this year’s theme has been set up for the «Resort in a dream» The limited edition for this season’s collection is a series of water color silk, a collection fits perfectly for each pieces of daily outfits for vacation & resort suit & wear, as if you were enjoying or even been soaked in the nature itself, from the forest to the sea.

We bring you to your destinated voyage, with the sole & the only limited piece of clothing that enables you to encounter diverse landscapes & scenaries,
 we not only bring your mind to each fascinating adventure, but bring your inner state of mind to the place where you have been desired to explore.
“Pearl beige” has been added into this year’s silk collection for upgrading new inspiration.

We also renew the aesthetic collection from silk dresses, camisole, shorts and each extended silk designed products from pillow cases to each new line-up collection, by utilizing the premium mulberry silk we focus as usual, from elegances to comfort on daily occasions, from formal outwear to comfy homewear, it’s a creation between your daily dream wear and exquisite
RTW – A brand-new collection that never seen before.